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3 Tips For Protecting Your Car And Bikes From Thieves

First, start a safe habit by always locking the car door and do not let the car not be monitored when you want to move outside the car even if only briefly. In the meantime, hire the best Locksmith Edinburgh whenever you must repair the lock of your car door locksmiths edinburgh 365.

For example, filling gas, taking money at ATMs, and the like. Even make sure the door is locked when we are waiting in the car.

Reported by Liputan6 page, another habit is not to store valuables such as laptops, cell phones, digital cameras, and the like in cars.

Especially if it is just stored in the passenger seat, this position is easily visible and can trigger crime. If you are forced to store items in a car, make sure the position is hidden.

Second, add some security accessories. Maybe this additional security would not completely dispel thieves, but at least they would have difficulty breaking into car defenses.

In addition to accessories that can be used, for example, install the steering wheel when the car is not used and install steel wire or sling combined with a padlock hardened on the tire.

In addition, we can embed a GPS tracker in a car that is synchronized with a smartphone to find out the position of the car in real time, at any time.

Third, buy a car that has immobilizer technology. Cars with this feature can only be lit if the key is in the starter slot or must be in the car.

Some of these cars even don’t use key slots, but only use the “starter” button to turn on the engine.

Thus, thieves cannot outsmart the starter key because there is none. The only way is to bring along the keys, which of course we always carry or keep in a safe place.

However, the technology is indeed only embedded in the latest output cars, including the types of high-end cars. But take it easy, this type of car can still be found in the same version with conditions that still dare to be pitted.

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