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How To Set The Air Screw In A Motorcycle Carburetor

In the carburetor, there is a component that is quite important and is no stranger to motorcycle owners ball screw. The Air Screw is a part that functions as an air regulator in the Carburetor, the right air regulation produces a more comfortable vehicle and smooth acceleration.

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Important Note on Air Screw Settings

– The air screw has been adjusted by factory conditions, and screw adjustment is not necessary except when disassembling the carburetor or replacing the screw.

– To adjust the motor air screw, the engine must be considered, that is, the engine must be warm (10 minutes of heating enough).

– Try to use a tachometer with an increase in size every 50 rpm or smaller.

Tips and Tricks for Managing Air Screws

1. Turn the air screw clockwise until it is seated or in a light position, after that return the air screw to the position according to the specifications provided. For the opening 2 rounds come out.

2. Warm the engine to the operating temperature.

3. After that, turn off the machine and attach the bacteria according to the instructions for use by the manufacturer.

4. Turn on the engine and adjust the stationary rotation of the engine with the screw retainer. Stationary rotation: 1400 – + 100 rpm.

5. Turn the screw in the air in or out slowly until it reaches the highest engine speed.
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5.

7. Adjust the stationary rotation of the engine again by turning the screw retaining screw.

8. Turn the hand gas slowly and check that the engine speed is going up smoothly.

If it doesn’t fit, repeat steps 4 to 7.

That’s how to set the stationary or screw carburetor air on the motor. Although it’s such a piece of short information, we hope it helps you to maintain your motorcycle carburetor easily and avoid the fatal mistakes when you set its air screws.

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