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Most Common Mistakes People Make as the New Smartphone Users that Can Harm Their Data

Do you need to learn more about the security with two-factor authentication when you have a plan to buy a new smartphone? Today, the volume of smartphone users is increasing, from day to day, there are so many users who want to taste the greatness of the smartphone, ranging from children to elderly people whose teeth have one left. Using a smartphone, many like their grief. Moreover, users who are still newbies or the cool terms of users yesterday afternoon (sorry) log me once. The mistakes of using smart devices also lead to insecure data. If you then make the decision to buy another type of the smartphone, then you must also consider 2 factor authentication. Aside from that, you must be aware of the common mistakes many new users do which then harm the data they have.

Download lots of applications

The new Android users tasted the smartphone, crazy about various applications, so downloading it until the storage memory is full, no longer fit. After full, they are negligent because the smartphone can’t be used anymore, it has slowed down.

Clicking on the ad caused by the fear of the broken smartphone

Usually the android newbie likes to browse smelly sites (basically smelling), the habits of the site are filled with scary advertisements, like your browser is damaged, your smartphone is a virus, your smartphone OS is outdated, and others are the core scare so the old newbie clicks on the ad and downloads the ad application.

Greed for Social Media

It’s not new if everyone wants to exist in cyberspace. this also makes the newbie android install and sign up on various social media. Even though the social media application consumes the most RAM space, because the application is increasing from day to day and the smartphone RAM is full, it automatically makes the smartphone slow down.

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