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Which One Will You Choose: The Room Partition Made From Wood Or Bamboo?

Wood is another material that is most often used to make ฉากกั้นแอร์ or space divider. The main reason is that wood has a good fiber appearance and can produce a warm and natural impression. If you want a slightly different look so you can see more modem, wood can also be colored using paint. In most case, the material of the room partition becomes the factor many people take into consideration when they make the purchase.

Another partition material that is also capable of producing natural and ethnic impressions is bamboo. The application system can be done by arranging the bamboo in its entirety or it can also be split and then woven. The difference with wood, if wood can be finished with color paint, but bamboo should not need to be given color. Just add a layer of melamine or solvent, attributed to the color paint, the results are actually less beautiful.