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The Media Choices to Post the Job Vacancy Online

In this day and age, all information can be accessed easily with the help of the internet. Everything interesting can be viral only with the internet and this can be a good reason to choose Jeremy Page. However, as well as a variety of information published on the internet, there are many media that can be used for information dissemination. Such media such as social media, company websites, and so on. This can also be an advantage as a medium for loading your company’s job advertisements. Then what media should be used to load job advertisements?

Company Official Website
The company’s official Website can describe the background and in what field your company is engaged. Information that is shared through the official website is certainly reliable. If your company has a website that is continually updated there is no harm in posting job advertisements on the Website. In addition to the aspects of readers’ trust, placing advertisements on the company’s official website will certainly save on advertising costs. So, make sure the official website of the company becomes the first media in the distribution of job advertisements.

Job Vacancy Site
When prospective employees both permanent employees and apprentice employees intend to find work, they will tend to search for information through the media job vacancies on the job opening site that is already available on the internet. Consider placing advertisements on these sites. As consideration for choosing the right site, choose the prospective employee you want to recruit. If you are looking for an apprentice employee, you can advertise on the site of a job opening that specifically offers job openings for apprentice employees. In the meantime, if you are looking for permanent employees who have qualified work experience, you can consider placing an ad on the job provider system.

Student Career Center
Fresh graduate or students who have just graduated are the ones who are most looking for job openings. You can choose a university that has the same field as your company. By posting job advertisements in the student career center at the appropriate universities, your ad will get the right response. In addition, placing job advertisements in student career centers makes it easy for prospective employees to obtain job information.

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