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The Powerful Quotes in Ramadan

In Ramadan as a Muslim you must have an intention to fast before the dawn every night full in a month. We all know this is not an easy thing to do for some of Muslims even if they have a very big intention for fasting. Thus, we believe some of powerful ramadan quotes will help them in order to face the obstacles that they must handle in the Ramadan. Every single day in a month there will certainly be many things that can disrupt a Muslim’s fasting. For that reason besides having a high intention of fasting a Muslim must also have the power to be able to maintain their fast. Every Muslims will certainly face a variety of different situation in each country. The political and social situations in some of Muslim countries sometimes claim their worship rights sadistically. However, every Muslim believes that God will test them according to their abilities. In this case fasting is one of the tests that God gives to humans, especially Muslims. Every Muslim will taste dead and death is a factor for them to worship therefore there is no word of surrender for a Muslim to do the worship ordered by God. Every Muslim family will teach all the obligatory activities in Islam to their children. They are aware of the importance of religious education for their children so that in the future their children can become devout Muslims. Being a devout Muslim is not easy because there are various kinds of things to do. At least parents think they can teach their children about the religious education since they are in elementary schools. Therefore, nowadays there are many Islamic schools that will provide good religious education for your children. However, parents also have the main role to keep their faith and supervise their children’s religious activities at home. Some of powerful quotes are going to help you in order to educate your children about Islam.

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